Presenting the ultimate worksafe balustrade system. Elite Balustrades’ aluminium and glass balustrade is unique in the fact that it provides immediate work safety once installed.

You may have seen countless balustrades in the process of installation among Sydney’s crane-filled skyline. Driving around, I see huge buildings with balustrade posts and handrail installed (sometimes for weeks or even months on end), just sitting there waiting for glass. Considering the business we are in, I often wonder how much this costs the main contractor? Obviously no one can have any access at all to the balconies over this period.

Not only that, the balustrade contractor needs to schedule a separate visit to the site to install the glass. Whilst this may be okay on a new building, what if the building is occupied? I know from experience how difficult it can be to cost-effectively program a project when residents are occupying the space. Arranging a second visit, and arranging separate access from each unit occupier for the second time would surely blow out the cost.

Here’s the thing about Elite Balustrades’ aluminium and glass balustrades. It is the ultimate work safe balustrade. In most instances we require only ONE visit to site to install balustrades. Our balustrade panels are pre-fabricated in our factory, with the glass already fitted. As soon as the panel is installed it is work safe. No further need for scaffolding, and no need to have balconies uninhabitable for long periods.

So there you have it. Next time you consider a lower cost contractor, factor in the time and access issues. I know I’d much rather have the job finished a,nd be enjoying a drink on my new balcony, instead of waiting around for someone to install my glass.