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steel and stainless steel handrails rosewood centre barker college

Barker College Rosewood Centre

Steel and stainless-steel handrail for state-of-the-art education facility. Red plastic cover for visual guidance and protection

residential balustrade mirvac harold park precinct 6B

Harold Park Precinct 6B

Supplied and installed custom glass and aluminium balustrade to complement construction materials and maximise parkland views

frameless glass balustrade sydney uni learning hub

Sydney Uni Learning Hub

Supplied and installed frameless glass balustrade with mild steel handrail on the inside face. Compliant balustrades that maximise views

glen st theatre rolled stainless steel balustrade

Glen Street Theatre

Supplied and installed rolled stainless steel handrail in car park and along ramps, and stainless steel and glass balustrade in outdoor seating area.

mild steel handrail and stainless steel and glass balustrade cba childcare

CBA Childcare

Elite supplied and installed mild steel handrail for the ramps and stairs at the childcare centre, and stainless steel and glass boundary screens