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Balustrade Design and Project Management

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Balustrade Design

Boasting decades of experience, Elite Balustrades has a dedicated balustrade team to assist with all elements of balustrade and handrail design. Whether you need Elite to tender on a design-and-construct project, or you need to overcome compliance issues to ensure your balustrade is legal, our balustrade design team can assist. We are confident our balustrade design team can overcome any challenge presented to us.

Balustrade compliance

We can provide advice and solutions to safeguard lives and views, in a way that meets stringent balustrade guidelines and Australian Standards. We can provide compliance certificates for all balustrades we design and install – giving you peace of mind. We can also arrange independent engineering certificates for commercial projects and balustrades in crowd-loading areas, if required.

We can also provide detailed shop drawings and renders as part of our balustrade design service.

Contact us for more information on balustrade regulations specific to your project. Or to access the current balustrade and handrail standards visit the SAI Global website and Standards Australia.

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Balustrade Project Management

We have a highly experienced team when it comes to commercial site work. We are up to date with all safety and Safe Work Method Statements’ (SWMS) requirements. Our site foremen have many years’ experience and have managed countless commercial projects. They are experts at thinking on the go, problem solving and managing site teams.

Plus our friendly staff are experienced in working with other trades to have your project delivered on time and budget.

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detailed balustrade design drawings
Detailed Balustrade Design Drawing