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Balustrade Certification

Balustrade Certification

All balustrades supplied and installed by Elite Balustrades conform to the relevant Australian Standards and Building Code regulations for balustrades. We can also provide written balustrade certification if required by your builder, or to submit to council. Please contact us for specific information.

If you suspect you have a non compliant balustrade or design issue please contact our design team for more info

Pool fencing

For more information on recent changes to the Pool fencing requirements please visit: Fair Trading Pool Fencing


All works carry a 7 year warranty regarding materials and installation – excluding glass breakage.

Balustrade Care & Maintenance

Care & maintenance guidelines can be issued upon request for our aluminium, stainless steel and glass balustrades. Please contact us and we will provide information specific to your project.

Engineering reports

Independantly obtained engineering reports are also available for our aluminium & aluminium and glass systems. For more information

Australian Standards

For more information on balustrade regulations specific to your project please contact us. The SAI Global website and Standards Australia also offer more information and access to the current standards.

  • balustrade certification, Elite Balustrades
  • balustrade certification, Elite Balustrades